About Us

Welcome to One Marketing Group, the innovative force transforming the world of design and marketing. As your partner, we grant you access to a team of the world’s top designers, marketing and branding experts, all at your fingertips through a simple, flexible subscription model. We break away from the norm, integrating you into our vibrant ecosystem of top-tier communication and design tools. Here at OMG, we empower your business to shape its digital landscape, ensuring your brand’s identity echoes throughout. Your growth, your success, your journey – that’s our mission. Together, let’s break boundaries and redefine the rules of marketing.

Mission Statement

At One Marketing Group, we empower businesses to shape their digital landscapes. Leveraging a global team of top-tier designers, marketing, and branding experts, we strive to ensure your brand's identity resonates powerfully. In essence, we embody the trajectory and characteristics of modern creative businesses: leaning into automation, valuing design, embracing flexibility, and maximizing technology, all underpinned by a commitment to transparency and efficiency. Your growth, success, and journey drive our every move. We are dedicated to integrating our partners into an ecosystem of superior communication and design tools. Together, we're not just breaking boundaries; we're setting the new standard.

Vision Statement

To be the world's most innovative force in design and marketing, revolutionizing the way businesses experience and achieve growth. By continuously challenging the status quo, we envision a future where our flexible subscription model becomes the gold standard, bringing the best of design and branding within everyone's reach, and where every brand’s voice is amplified in its unique echo.

Our team is your new secret weapon


Hiring top-tier talent can be a hassle. Luckily, we’ve done all the work for you.

One Marketing Group hires the top 1% of designers and marketers. You should expect nothing but the best when working with us- that´s what we deliver.


Hiring top-tier talent can be a hassle. Luckily, we’ve done all the work for you.

Our design work is always available for your review and feedback - collaborate with us in Asana, WhatsApp and Figma.


Thanks to our global footprint, we can usually start new projects within 48 hours.

We´re infinitely flexible and able to scale ondemand to meet your design needs. Grow as fast as you can - we can handle it.



Business Dev.
Mía Castillo
Acc. Executive
Gabriela Castillo
Creative Director
Lizbeth Riofrío
MKT Director
Karina Familia
Head of Branding
Brigeth Gonzaga
Lead UX/UI
SM Manager
Dayanna Mora
Arch. Design
Damián Garzón
Art Director & Creative Dev.
Brenda Ferreira
P.R. Executive
Daniel Huertas
Full Stack Dev.
Oscar Livigañay

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